Introducing the Aqualine Water filtering system

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In line with our vision at we want to offer products that contribute to health and healing and support the use of Advanced TRS Detox. For the past weeks we have researched and tested the Aqualine (alkaline) water filtering system and are now confident to say we added it to our shop.

While the quality of tap water has improved a lot over the past decades, there are rising concerns about residues of all kinds of sorts still detected in our tap water. This includes medicine and hormone residues, chemicals, pesticides and, for example, the substances used in the GenX process. Tap water is produced and filtered to be within range of what is considered as safe. Most of our tap water is used for showers, toilet flushing and cooking, only a small percentage of our water usage is consumption. Considering our body consist of 65% water you might want to give yourself the extra quality when it comes to consumption water. The Aqualine glass water filter is a 4-in-1 filter system that removes viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, GenX, hormones, medicines and pesticides from the water. The system mineralizes, vitalizes and has an option to make the water alkaline. Crystal clear and healthy drinking water in an instant.

Taste the Difference: Why choose the Aqualine water filtering system?

Aqualine water filter replicates Mother Nature’s water cycle. In nature, mineral-rich water is created because rainwater slowly seeps through different layers of soil. This filters it and absorbs minerals and trace elements. The Aqualine water filter systems also work according to this principle. By making use of gravity, the filtering process in the Aqualine system mimics nature. So no power is needed.

The beautiful glass tank is traditionally produced in a traditional glass factory in South Korea. The blue glass is intended to filter UV light. It is is clear, looks beautiful and is easy to clean.

The Aqualine systems are demonstrably capable of filtering up to 99% of the pollutants from the water. Its performance level is therefore comparable or even superior to the filtration in most other water systems that cost up to ten times the price and also require electricity. Turns tap, rain (tonne), river or ditch water into clear and healthy drinking water.

The Aqualine water filters are supplied with Elvan mineral stones. The high porosity of the mineral stones in the lower reservoir promotes the smooth absorption of the ionized minerals and essential trace elements in the water.

Adding 18 Minerals to your water

The stones contain: calcium, cobalt, copper, chromium, germanium, iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium *, manganese, molybdenum, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, sodium, sulfur and zinc.

  • Iodine burns excess fats, promotes proper growth and mental well-being and plays a role in obtaining healthy hair, healthy nails, teeth and skin. Two thirds of the iodine in the body is in the thyroid gland. As the thyroid gland controls metabolism, a lack of this mineral can result in slow mental reactions, weight gain and a lack of energy. Iodine deficiency leads to goiter (goiter) and hypothyroidism (insufficient functioning of the thyroid gland).

  • Magnesium is needed for energy metabolism in the body, the transmission of nerve impulses and the proper functioning of the muscles. Magnesium also gives firmness to the skeleton and is necessary for building up muscles, among other things.

  • Molybdenum is an essential component of the xanthine oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase enzymes. For this reason it plays an important role in the purine metabolism. Both enzymes help in the breakdown of purine nucleic acids and ultimately form uric acid.

  • Chromium plays an especially important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It helps to lower the overall cholesterol level and to increase the amount of good cholesterol (HLD).

  • Selenium primarily has antioxidant properties and fights aging and protects both the heart muscle and the immune system, preventing ear infections, sinusitis, colds and bronchitis. Selenium could also play a positive role in the prevention of prostate cancer, but a number of studies contradict each other in this area.

  • Zinc contributes to the construction of new tissue, which is why it plays an essential role in the growth of children. Zinc also helps with wound healing and is generally good for the skin.

Part of the Elvan stones is impregnated with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver ensures that no bacterial growth can take place in the water. This keeps the water stable for weeks.


1st phase - the ceramic filter

0,2 micron ceramic filter

This filter is in the fill tank and has a fineness of 0.2 micron (0.0002 mm). With this pre-filter you remove a large part of the pollution from the water, including bacteria, undissolved calcium and magnesium particles. The water passes slowly through the filter and then drips into the multi-step filter.

2nd step - the new generation multi-step filter

The composition of this new generation multi-step filter has been specially developed for the Aqualine products.

Aqualine multi-step filter

1st layer

High-quality, silver impregnated, active carbon with a high uptake.

2nd layer

Zeolite balls. Environmentally friendly balls with a high adsorption value, filters chlorine compounds such as trihalomethane from the water and various heavy metals, makes the water softer.

3rd layer

Silica and combi balls. The balls are a combination of various substances including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Kaolin. They have a redox function and an anti-bacteriological effect.

4th layer

Illite combi balls. Provide a far infrared frequency of 9.23 microns. This frequency vibrates at the same frequency as the human body. This activates cells, stimulates the micro circulation and increases. They soften the water to a pH of around 7.5. They also have an anti-bacteriological effect.

5th layer

Clay balls. Increase oxygen uptake in the blood and improve metabolism.

3rd step (Optional) - making it alkaline / basic with the pH ring

With your order this is a choice. If you opt for the alkaline version, the system is supplied with a pH ring. This ring is filled with magnetite balls, tourmaline balls, alkaline balls and magnesium balls. The ring naturally increases the pH value of the filtered water by an average of 1 - 1.5 pH point to slightly alkaline water. How high the pH of the water becomes depends on your tap water.

4th step - mineralization

Aqualine mineral stones

Aqualine South Korean Elvan Stones

During the extensive filtering process, some of the minerals are filtered out of the water. Elvan mineral stones are located in the lower tank. A special volcanic rock that only occurs in a few places on our planet. The Elvan stones in the Aqualine systems come from South Korea. These porous stones contain 18 different minerals that are slowly released into the filtered water. The amounts that are released are comparable to the minerals found in natural water. Part of these Elvan stones are impregnated with colloidal silver. As a result, no bacterial action can take place in the standing water. This means that the water can be kept for weeks.

5th phase - vitalizing

Vitalizing is a special process in which nature is simulated. Water in nature will never move in a straight line as our drinking water is pumped through pipes. The water in nature comes up against a rock or other unevenness in the river, falls down along a waterfall or is pushed through a bend. Hereby the water is brought into a whirl whereby the water molecules (H2O) get a nice structure by means of hydrogen bridges. The magnetic valve contains 4 different 1200 Gauss magnets. The plus and minus of these magnets are alternately. This creates a whirl like this also happens in nature. Due to the magnet action, smaller clusters of the water molecules are made.

Vitalizing is a process that is generally used in horticulture. Without adding or removing a substance, the vitalized water has a good effect on the growth of the plants.


Aqualine test report

This is a dutch translation of the test report from the Gewerbliches Institut für Umweltanalytik GmbH, Waldplatzstrasse 8, 79331 Teningen, Germany. The tests were performed in June 2015 under test number 93700.

Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, medicines.

These substances do not occur as standard in drinking water. Through the laboratory solutions of the substances are added to the samples so that thereon can be measured.

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