About TRS

The Power of Zeolite

Sourced from volcanic rock, zeolite is a mineral that works as a natural detoxifier. Not only does it bind to heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and lead, but it also attracts over 80,000 environmental toxins, including radioactive particles, pesticides, and plastic residues. With the backing of extensive research and recognition of its safety by the FDA, zeolite is an obvious choice in your body's quest for detoxification.

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What makes Advanced TRS unique?

Advanced TRS is a 100% pure zeolite sollution. It has a colloidal structure that allows you to detox on the cellular level. Unlike regular zeolite products, Advanced TRS attracts toxins from any place in the body. Once trapped, these toxins are effectively neutralized and then safely excreted from the body via urine.

Coseva's nanotechnology is what makes Advanced TRS a high-quality product, offering a powerful method to detoxify your body.


Usage Instructions Advanced TRS:

It is advised to detox for at least 3-6 months on a full dose.
Results vary a lot from within the first week to around 3 months.

One bottle has around 140 sprays and on average lasts 4-8 weeks.

Building up slowly is essential. In general start with one spray per day for the first week.
In week 2 build up to twice a spray daily if it is tolerated well. From there your can slowly build up to 5 sprays per day divided into mornings/evenings.

Temporary detox symptoms can occur. Lower your dose and find a comfortable balance in case they make you feel uncomfortable.

Kids and adults that prefer, can start on a lower dose by using a dropper. Four drops equals one spray.