Detox Support Kit

Detox Support
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This kit includes four of CellCore's most potent supplements for cleansing support that build upon one another: CT-Biotic, Metabolic Activator, CT-Minerals, and HM-ET Binder. Together, these supplements support optimal liver, thyroid, and kidney function and a healthy gut microbiome. They also help with energy production and immunity.

Supports liver & kidney

Supports thyroid function

Promotes energy 

Supports immune system

Detox Support Kit in Protocols

The Detox Support Kit is the final part of the Detox Support Protocol

Note: Before starting on the Detox Support Kit, we recommend completing one month of the Jumpstart Kit first (with the option of also doing the Para Kit beforehand). This will ensure drainage pathways and mitochondria are properly prepared before assisting in detoxification, which can help minimize unwanted reactions.

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