Aqualine Water Purification Filter

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Water Purification

The Aqualine water purification filter is a 4-in-1 filtration system that replicates 'Mother Nature'. Crystal clear and healthy drinking water in no time.

Removes heavy metals, bacteria, fluoride, drugs, pesticides, hormones

Adds beneficial minerals

Vitalizes water

Optional alkaline water

Selection: Aqualine 12 liter Glass
Alkaline or pH neutral: Alkaline

Experience Aqualine Purified Water

Experience the power of Aqualine water filters, proven to eliminate up to 99% of contaminants, transforming your tap, rain, river, or ditch water into pure and healthy drinking water.



The ceramic filter

Housed in the Aqualine fill tank is the ceramic filter with a fineness of 0.2 microns (0.0002 mm).

This pre-filter effectively eliminates a substantial amount of contaminants such as bacteria and un-dissolved calcium and magnesium particles.

Water seeps gradually through this filter before trickling into the multi-step filter.



Aqualine multi-stage water filter

The Aqualine multi-stage filter, an innovative product of the next generation, incorporates a unique five-layer design engineered specifically for Aqualine's system.

- The 1st layer is high-quality, silver-impregnated active carbon.
- The 2nd layer contains zeolite balls, eco-friendly and filtering chlorine compounds and heavy metals.
- The 3rd layer is a mix of substances, providing redox function and anti-bacterial effects.
- The 4th layer uses Illite balls, vibrating at the body's frequency, stimulating cells, and softening water to pH 7.5.
- The 5th layer contains clay balls, enhancing oxygen uptake and metabolism.



Elevate your Aqualine to alkaline with the optional pH ring

Opting for the alkaline version is a good choice. If selected, your Aqualine water filter will incorporate a pH ring packed with magnetite, tourmaline, alkaline, and magnesium balls.

The ring naturally increases the pH value of the filtered water by an average of 1-1.5 pH point to slightly alkaline water. How high the pH of the water becomes depends on your tap water.

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During the extensive filtering process, some of the minerals are filtered out of the water. Elvan Stones are located in the lower tank. A special volcanic rock that only occurs in a few places on our planet.

The Elvan stones in the Aqualine systems come from South Korea. These porous stones contain 18 different minerals that are slowly released into the filtered water. The amounts that are released are comparable to the minerals found in natural water.

Part of these Elvan stones are impregnated with colloidal silver. As a result, no bacterial action can take place in the standing water, allowing the water to be stored for weeks.




Vitalization emulates nature's treatment of water. Unlike our piped supply, water in nature navigates obstacles, meanders, and cascades down waterfalls, generating a vortex that arranges water molecules into structures via hydrogen bridges.

The magnetic valve uses four 1200 Gauss magnets alternately arranged, inducing a vortex, which clusters water molecules into smaller groups.

Often used in horticulture, vitalization boosts plant growth by modifying water's structure without introducing or eliminating substances.


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